Leadership Ministries

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring people to God and transform them, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, into fully developing followers of Christ by:

  • Exalting the Savior in our worship
  • Evangelizing the Sinner through our witnessing
  • Edifying the Servant through our fellowshipping with each other
  • Equipping the Saints through study and discipleship, and
  • Endowing the Society through meeting people's needs

Aspiration Ministry  

Mission Statement:
To implement ambitious plans to cultivate holistic growth of the church and community for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts 

Mission Statement:
Learning by doing. Bringing youth to Christ through a scouting ministry.  It requires youths to participate in service projects to help them better understand the mission of the church.


Deacons Ministry  

Mission Statement
In an effort to fulfill the call to service as seen in Acts 6:1-6, the mission of the Deacon's Ministry is to aid and assist the Pastor in assuring that all members' needs are met equally so as to provide the Pastor with adequate time for study, meditation, and prayer to provide the accurate Word of God to the people of God.



Discipleship Training Ministry 

Mission Statement:
The purpose of this ministry is to communicate biblical truths and build a strong foundation for Christian growth and development of our members.

The Epistle Ministry  

Evangelism Ministry  

Mission Statement:
Writing letters to welcome and invite visitors to worship with us, also informing of upcoming events.  Home visits/letters or calls to those missing in action (information provided by Deacons, and other church members).  Home visits to family, friends and neighbors who are sick or recuperating.  On going bi-monthly visits to J. Reuben Long Detention Center, Conway Nursing Home and Agape Rehab.  Prayer/Witnessing walks in our community.  Outside activities at Church or other locations to invite the community to participate.

Fellowship Relations Ministry  

Mission Statement:
To keep new members informed of church activities, while assisting them in their acclamation into the fellowship of the church family.

Finance Ministry  


Hospitality Ministry 


More Abundant Ministry 

Mission Statement:
Provide assistance to the members in the congregation and in the community who may require special attention so that they may grow in Christian Development as fully participating members in the church and community.

Music Ministry 



New Members Ministry


Pastor’s Aid Ministry 


Samaritan House 


Senior Citizens Ministry

Mission Statement:
Increasing involvement of seniors in worship, increase their activity, improve health and well being of the population, assist in development of disciples by meeting their needs, improve outreach efforts also increase membership.

Stewardship Ministry 

Mission Statement:
Encourage members to become faithful stewards of their money, time and talents by conducting a congregational assessment to identify current needs, host a workshop on planned giving using the results of the assessment, host a mid-year update on the Church’s budget and expenditures, obtain a financial “seed” statement from each member and provide a financial seed accomplishment statement for each member.

Christian Education Ministry (SCEP & Sunday Church School)

Sunday Church School  

Mission Statement:
Help students deepen their spiritual awareness and well as provide the foundation for understanding the scriptures.  We are teaching ministry of the church.  We will continue meeting the needs of our congregation by providing an appropriate curriculum, adding new class as the need arises, providing more teacher training.  This will help to assure that the church school is making disciples for Christ.

Summer Cultural Enrichment Program 

Mission Statement:
Encourage children to improve themselves socially, physically, culturally, academically and spiritually.  We seek to provide activities and programs that will promote healthy standards for all students ages 5-18.


Tribal Ministries

Mission Statement

The Tribal Ministries are inclusive of all members of the church to ensure that each individual is a growing part of the fellowship and that everyone is aware of their needs so as to meet them.  It also seek to ensure that none forsake the assembling of themselves together so that we may grow together as fruit-bearing disciples for Christ.

Transportation Ministry  


Trustees Ministry  


Worship Team Ministry 

Mission Statement:
To prepare to enter into God’s presence equipped and excited for an encounter of reverence and response.

Ushers Ministry  



Youth Ministry Leadership Team  



Youth Ministry Roundtable


Mission Statement:  

This is a group of adult advisors who work together as a team of share leadership for the purpose of providing our young people with

Growing relationship with God and others;

    Reaching young people who are lost and leading them into

       Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior and each other as brothers and sisters while

            Caring for each other; and

                 Encouraging them to become disciples for Christ.



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 Dr. James H. Cokley

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