A Christ-Centered Church

We believe that Jesus Christ is the center of all life and success. It is He who directs our paths and guides our footsteps on the journey of life; and whenever, we “seek Him and His righteousness first; He adds the other needs and desires of life.” Consequently, we focus our attention on Him and His will as He leads us.


Blessed with All Ages

Our active believers range in ages up to 101. It is our belief that God is a God for all peoples, generations, and traditions. Therefore, we seek to provide a worship that is suited for all persons. We have something for you, regardless of your age, race, creed, or color.

Christian Education is a Priority

Because knowledge and understanding of God’s Word is so vital and important to the development of every believer, we make a concerted effort to provide every person with a complete understanding of God’s Word and how to use it their lives. Specialized training on the duties and responsibilities of Christians begin with New Member’s Orientation for new converts and continue through Bible studies, workshops, and training sessions.

Discipleship is the Goal

Serving Christ in this present age is no cookie! Evil and unrighteousness is all around us but we believe that Christ has directed us to develop disciples for Him. Disciples are learning followers who seek to mimic and emulate the example of Christ.

With God’s help, we try to help persons grow through surrendering to God’s will while working for and with others to help them meet their non-spiritual needs while helping them come to know Jesus Christ intimately.

Music Prepares the Heart

From the time of Old Testament Hebrew Worship and throughout church history, music has been one of the important influences in the work of God. The fifth chapter of Second Chronicles gives an interesting account of a large group of singers giving praise and thanks to the Lord and leading the armies of Israel into battle. Our hymns, anthems, spirituals, and gospels, traditional, and contemporary music is developed to attract individuals to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that will lead them to a fuller, more spirit-filled life.

Ministry is the Mission

St Francis of Assisi says, “The measure of a person’s knowledge is the actions they take!” Certainly, this is a measure of the work of the new ministry of our church. As we learn about Christ and His church, our mission is to engage in the ministries that He so often engaged in: feeding the hungry, clothing the name, visiting the sick, teaching about the Father in Heaven and giving hope to all of humanity. As we learn the mission of Christ Jesus, it becomes our mission in the form of ministry as we take action to “turn the world upside down” by spreading the gospel through meeting the needs of humanity. Without a doubt, this is what God wants from us as we come to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus. Truly our knowledge of His mission is seen in our ministry.


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 Dr. James H. Cokley

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